At Château Galoupet, our agro-ecological approach to sustainable wine combines the most stringent environmentally friendly winemaking practices with sensible, responsible farming. Living soils are necessary to cultivate healthy vines in sustainable vineyards that will yield quality grapes for our Cotes de Provence rosé. Every year, we sow seeds between the vines: mixes such as mustard, rye and peas. These cover crops enrich the earth, protect it from erosion and increase its porosity. They encourage development of micro-organisms and insects that break down organic matter to help the vine roots absorb the nutrients and energy they need. We are also practicing agro-forestry whereby we plant green corridors with indigenous trees hedges in parallel to our activities crafting Provençal rosé. Doing so helps revive the natural food chain thereby restoring balance and protecting the wine grapes.

Covercrops flowering inbetween the ranks of Château Galoupet Cru Classé Côtes de Provence vines


Always looking to the future, we continue research and experimentation at Château Galoupet in our organic winemaking process and beyond. In the face of the realities of climate change that result in increasing temperatures and earlier harvests, we are conducting tests and trials on 3.5 hectares dedicated to research and development. Three plots are the focus of trials, and the team is testing climate and drought-resistant grape varieties such as Calabrese, Agiorgitikio and Moschofilero in partnership with the Syndicat des Côtes de Provence and the Centre du Rosé. We are driven by a desire to protect and support the vines around our sustainable winery.

A white grape reaching maturation under the provencal sun in Château Galoupet Cru Classé Côtes de Provence organic vineyards